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365 Days of Social Media Done in One Day!

Make a Marketing Calendar

Plan your Social Media for a Whole Year

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Social Media 365 (1024 × 1024 px)

Stand Out Marketing, a 2 day workshop


Identify your TARGET market

Remain AUTHENTIC to yourself and your brand

Learn to find good REFERRAL partners

Keep your PIPELINE for customers and staff full

This intense workshop is best with just a few people- so reserve your spot today!
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Maximize Revenue Potential with a Client Intake Process


To Registergo.unl.edu/clientintake

Event Description

Business owners spend time, money and resources on attracting sales, but 80% of leads generated by marketing efforts either fall through the cracks or are ignored. Furthermore, it takes four to six communication points for an interest to convert into a sale. That said, many business owners are a few touchpoints away from making sales.

In February’s Business Learning Series, we are speaking about the client intake process. This process is a compilation of templates, tools, and workflows that help with consistency, optimization, and accountability in managing inquiries received from all sources.

Business owners leave with a system that fosters:

  • Timely communication with clients
  • Better client onboarding experience
  • Efficiency in handling client questions
  • Quicker payment collection
  • Increased testimonials and word of mouth
  • And naturally, increase in revenue

Employees leave with a system that fosters:

  • Rewarding working environment
  • Easily transferable procedures for new employees
  • Improved customer service


Jennifer Haralson started, built and sold four businesses by disrupting industry standards. She currently owns Visionary Education where she teaches business concepts in a simple manner to other business leaders so they can do the same in their industries. With her Master’s degree in education, a coaching endorsement and a serial-entrepreneur lifestyle, she has skills to share which saves entrepreneurs time, money and heartache.

3 Keys Every Business Owner Needs to Unlock:


Marketing Momentum

Maximizing Productivity

Managing Overwhelm

To Register email: Jenn@vision-ed.com

3 Keys Every Business Owner Needs to Unlock

Organize a Peaceful Space & Life


The clutter in your spaces can affect your mind and body!

Learn some simple, easy to apply tips, on decluttering and organizing every room in your home and office.

Gain a peaceful space and mind.

Organize a Peaceful Space and Life

Work the Room without Changing Who You Are


Learn how to work with other personality types

Find ways to engage the gate-keepers

Embrace similarities and differences

Make stronger connections in your Network

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Work the Room

Client Connections that Win!


Break the ceiling on ROI

Set More Appointments

Gain More Trust

Close More Sales

* Special Content for Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors and Real Estate Agents

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Client Connections That Win

Inbox Zero- A Dream or Reality?


Your inbox is more than just your email. An inbox can be all the sticky notes on your desk, your voicemail box, a full and cluttered calendar and more.

Jennifer teachers on how to dump everything from everywhere into one location and then keep it empty!

This allows you to focus on the projects in front of you and have a fulfilled life outside of work!

Inbox Zero is not a dream! It is a way of life and it changes everything!

Befriending Your Competition


Don’t compete with fellow businesses, collaborate.

You can increase your profits, your knowledge and your network by making friends with your competition.

Not everyone is friendly in return, so learn how to identify the people who can become another referral source for you!

By collaborating with others in your industry:

You will create a back-up plan for yourself, should you become unavailable for your customers

You will create another referral pipeline to gain leads

You will gain information to help you make healthy decisions for your business

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