Practical business coaching

Take the fear out of forming a business or building your business beyond what you can do alone! 

With our step-by-step business coaching, we take the complicated language of tax certificates, business licenses, domain names and insurance coverage to a simple task anyone can check off the to-do list.   

Building a business from scratch is a multi-faceted concept. You have gained experience and learned a skill that people want to pay money for!  But how do you let them know you are available?  How do you build a smart and competent team around you?  How do you take a vacation without it all falling apart while you are away?  

Jennifer has owned and built seven businesses.  Visionary Education is just one!  In her vast experience, she has learned what NOT to do and wants to share that information with you.  She is a teacher at heart and by profession.  She earned her teaching certificate from York College and then her Masters of Education from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (GBR!) 

Her mantra is: “Do what you do best, and hire out the rest!”  She can help problem solve “the rest.”  She has helped many business owner/managers set up their business entity, choose a business name, design literature, find their mission statements and strategically market their services to become successful entrepreneurs.   

She teaches and coaches, so that each business owner understands WHY something is important, HOW it can help save money and make the business more efficient, WHO should be a part of the business team (from professionals to employees or ICs) and WHAT to do each day to make your goals comes true. 

Oh Goals…?  She is a master at helping people put their dreams down on paper into goals with reachable benchmarks.  

Jennifer will customize her coaching to fit your needs and schedule.  

Ala Cart Pricing

Public Speaking (Actually it’s Teaching) $ Call for a Quote
45 min “Solve it” call (30-45 min): $159
General Business Coaching (30 - 45 min): $129 minimum 3 sessions
Complete Business Emersion (for the well-established business): $99/hour (10 hour minimum)

Individual Sessions:
30-45 min monthly phone call with a wrap up email, so you don’t forget anything we discussed. $159 each

Quoted Per Your Business Needs

What do you need to do?
Be willing to learn and grow!

Practical Business Coaching is available as packages or individual sessions

Individual Sessions:
30-45 min monthly phone call with a wrap up email, so you don’t forget anything we discussed. $159 each

Quoted per your business needs

YOUR PLAN for your business should be like a good HEALTH PLAN which includes: Food Nutrition, Exercise, Water Intake, Meditation, and Eliminating Bad Habits (smoking, sweets, drinking.)

Your BUSINESS HEALTH PLAN should include: Values, Mission Statements, Goals with Benchmarks, Mindset, Productivity Habits, Business Plan, Marketing Momentum, Preventative Burnout, Automated Systems, Financial Analysis and more!

Are you doing 1 or 2 of those things?  Or ALL of those things?  Are you working in the business you LOVE, or dreading your busy days?

Jennifer can help you prioritize and tackle these projects and metrics one-by-one.

Set up a coaching session by reaching out today!

Business Coaching
Practical Coaching Business

When Does Coaching Work Best?



Coaching and Consulting works best:

Before (or shortly after) Forming a Business:

  1. Know my Why
  2. Define my Expertise/Product/Service
  3. Find and Solve your client’s problem.
  4. Decide how to deliver that solution

Keep the Value Real

  1. Raising Rates
  2. Explain Your Worth

Surround Yourself with A Good Staff

  1. Bringing on an Employee or IC (1099 help)
  2. IC vs EE

Keeping Your Staff Engaged and Loyal

  1. Your Internal Marketing
  2. Changes for Clients/Customers


Try the Complete Business Emersion Model

What is Complete Business Emersion?

Jennifer will become an integral part of your business, such as a customer, a new-hire, or a networking partner.  We look at all things your business is and does to that entity.  We find the awesome things you are doing and how you are creating loyalty, raving fans, good reviews, as well as misconceptions, errors, and confusion.  Then we work with you to strengthen the things that are working well- by automating systems and eliminating the things that are holding you back.


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